Cuba...awaiting the return of her exiles

Cuba…awaiting the return of her exiles


Hola and welcome to the home of my memoir, Palm Trees in the Snow.

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I hope that as you read about it, you feel the sun on your face and the warm, white sand enveloping your feet as you walk along the turquoise Caribbean water’s edge, palm fronds swaying in the tropical breeze.

I also hope you feel the love and gratitude that I have for America and its people, who opened their arms and their hearts to so many Cubans as we fled from oppression in search of liberty.

My book celebrates two things I am passionate about: my heritage and my freedom. It is my tribute to a way of life lost forever and the embracing of a new one in America. Muchas gracias por su visita—I appreciate your visit.



Yo quiero cuando me muera
sin patria pero sin amo,
tener en mi losa un ramo
de flores y una bandera.


José Martí
Cuban Poet and apostle of independence



Cuban flag

Photo credit: Amy Strassburger VanStee



I want when I die
without native land but without master,
to have on my slab a spray
of flowers and a flag.