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About the Author

This book took more than thirty years to create. Its inspiration came with the birth of my first child, in 1976. Throughout life’s many interruptions that followed, the insistent desire to pen the story of my Cuban youth and exodus to America remained with me.

Somewhere along this long journey I came across three words: dream, believe, achieve. I took them to heart, and they helped me accomplish my goal, to write my memoir, Palm Trees in the Snow. It warms my Cuban heart to know that with this book, I am passing on my legacy to both my beloved daughters, to be shared with our family’s generations to come.

I was born in Havana, Cuba, and educated there at the Sacred Heart Academy. Once in exile, I grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I now live in Michigan with my husband and my two Havanese dogs.





Photo credit: Amy Strassburger VanStee

Photo credit: Amy Strassburger VanStee


The word evokes myriad feelings of caring, devotion, joy, pride and love. A reflection of the blooms from the seeds of love planted and nurtured by two people.

My two daughters, for whom this book was written—our husbands—and my two grandsons, the future generation, who will keep my story alive.

My family.